Email Legal Notice

1. Applicability

Information Legal Pty Limited (Information Legal) is an information technology and telecommunications risk and advisory service provider based in Melbourne Australia. Email is an integral part of Information Legal business and an important means of communicating with clients, service providers and third parties.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this Email Legal Notice is to regulate the use and receipt of email to and from Information Legal in accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Victoria) Act 2000.

3. Scope

Emails, attachments to emails and links within emails are collectively referred to as ‘email’ in this Email Legal Notice.

4. Receipt of Email from Information Legal

Email from Information Legal is intended for named recipients only. Persons copied are also named recipients.

Any other persons in receipt of email from Information Legal are unauthorised recipients of Information Legal email. As an authorised recipient, You agree to receiving communications electronically.

5. Confidentiality and Privilege of Information Legal Email

Information Legal email may contain confidential and/or privileged information. Any dissemination, distribution or copying by persons other than the intended recipient(s) is prohibited. If You are an unauthorised recipient, kindly:

  • Notify the sender if the sender is an Information Legal representative; or
  • Notify Information Legal at if the sender is a third party.

If are an unauthorised recipient please destroy all email in electronic and hard copy format which You have received as an unauthorised recipient and/or have printed without authority.

6. Access, Monitoring and Interception

To comply with law and in line with international standards and best practice relating to the use of information technology in its business activities Information Legal monitors and intercepts live communications such as email (blocking, filtering, scanning etc). Where necessary to manage business risk and if required by law, Information Legal will also access static information created, received, communicated and stored by it as part of its business and in the pursuit of its legal obligations.

7. Privacy

As a result of Information Legal’s practice of monitoring and intercepting live email communications, users can have no expectation of privacy with respect to email communication to and from Information Legal. If You do not agree to this limitation of Your possible right to privacy, You should not communicate with Information Legal via email. Please see also Our Website Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy which are related notices.

8. Warrantees and Representations

No warranties are made or implied that any employee or contractor of Information Legal is or was authorised to create and/or send email on behalf of Information Legal.

9. Unauthorised Use of Information Legal Email Systems

Information Legal regulates its internal environment in accordance with Australian law and administrative, technical and physical controls. In the event that these controls, which include rules on the acceptable use of email are contravened by users, the users themselves will be liable. Information Legal directors and management shall not accept liability arising from such contravention.

10. Damages Arising from Email from Information Legal

Email technologies and the use of related telecommunication systems and networks expose Information Legal to dynamic security and business risk. Information Legal manages this risk in accordance with Australian law and through its policies, procedures and guidelines to prevent unauthorised access to or abuse of its systems and networks. While Information Legal is committed to a reasonable standard care and diligence, Information Legal cannot and will not be liable for damages arising from the use of email which are beyond its control.

11. Dispatch and Receipt of Email

In accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Victoria) Act 2000, senders of email addressed to Information Legal agree that email is deemed received by Information Legal only when receipt is confirmed orally or in writing. Email from Information Legal will be deemed dispatched as and when reflected in the Information Legal mail server logs. For all purposes, the place of dispatch and receipt of email from and to Information Legal shall be Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

12. Requirements for Valid Agreements

It is Information Legal policy that no binding agreements will be entered into through the use of email. Any offers made or received via email will be regarded merely as part of the process of negotiation. The conclusion of agreements negotiated by email must be reduced to writing, printed on paper and signed by hand with ink.

13. Skill, Diligence, Care

Information Legal will exercise reasonable skill, diligence and care as may reasonably be expected in the use of email by a similar service provider.

14. Company Information

Name Information Legal Pty Limited
Physical address and the address for
receipt of legal service of documents
Level 2, 18 Kavanagh Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Postal address 17/103 beach Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3307
Phone numbers +61 (0) 452 192 543
Website address
Email address
ABN 86 163 763 522
Directors HM Leggat, PA Leggat, TA Roberts