The Australian Institute of Company Directors - Cybersecurity and Governance

The Australian Institute of Company Directors has recently issued a new document extensively outlining the roles and responsibilities of Company Directors, Executives and Senior Managers as to how they can meet their legal obligations concerning Cybersecurity and Governance.

The likelihood of senior executives going to court over a cybersecurity breach is greatly increasing. Most of us will not be aware of these court cases given they are discussed behind closed doors. More importantly the number of cases going to court is increasing. Whilst there are many notable stories of international cybersecurity breaches leading to the dismissal of senior executives, it is more quietly happening in Australia. Statistically a company is breached on average every four hours.

The question we have to ask is: Will your company be next or can you avoid such a scenario?


Security and Governance: Deficiencies that are taking the Board room into the Court room session will provide you with an insight into companies’ culture and behaviors before and after a breach and the best way to avoid it happening in the first place. Please join us to hear from a leading legal and cybersecurity expert in this field on Monday the 13th of April at PWC, Freshwater Place 2, Southbank Boulevard, Southbank VIC 3006.

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