Privacy Policy and Collection Statement

1. Introduction

Information Legal Pty Limited (Information Legal) is an information technology and telecommunications risk and advisory service provider based in Melbourne Australia . Information Legal is not obliged to comply with Australian data privacy laws that regulate the handling of personal information . Nevertheless, because We understand the importance of privacy and out of respect for You, as a visitor to Our Website located at , We choose to publish Our Privacy Policy for Your benefit .

2. Privacy, Personal Information and Purpose

This Privacy Policy (Policy) concerns information or an opinion about You as an identified individual or an individual that is reasonably identifiable. For the purpose of this Policy ‘privacy’ and ‘personal information’ have the same meaning.

The purpose of this Policy is to inform You about the personal information We collect about You, how We handle it and to inform You about Your choices.

3. Privacy Policy, Related Website Terms of Use and Email

The scope of this Policy extends to information collected through Our Website, including the related email functionality and ‘Contact Us’ provisions. It does not include third party links, including those to social media. Your use of all third party links will be governed by the privacy policies and terms of use of those service providers.

This Policy does not apply to Our client relationships which are subject to different legal rules and contractual arrangements.

4. Principles Governing the Handling of Personal Information

We are committed to making reasonable efforts to protect Your privacy. Therefore, where practical and authorised by law, We:

  • Manage Your personal information in an open and transparent manner, assisting You with enquiries and complaints and supporting your requests for access to and correction of the personal information that We hold on You;
  • Let You choose whether You wish to deal with us anonymously or to use a pseudonym. There are no requirements to identify Yourself when using the Website or related email functionality;
  • Do not solicit Your personal information, including sensitive personal;
  • Let You choose whether You want provide Us with Your personal information via the ‘Contact Us’ functionality or by telephoning Us. In such cases, that involve Your choice and consent, We may or must keep personal information that is necessary for a function or activity that You request and that relates to Us and Our services. If We do not do this, We may not be able to assist You and/or fail to comply with a legal requirement;
  • Have advised you that Your use of Our Website is subject to Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that you are familiar with these as they are related to this Policy and also to Our Email Legal Notice. While We do not actively seek personal information from You, the use of web and email technologies may involve the collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information, including, to third party service providers located in other jurisdictions. Where relevant, We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that these third parties have adopted policies and practices on personal information that meet Our professional standards;
  • Will only use, retain and/or disclose Your personal information for the purpose that You gave it to Us. If it appears that We are required to use, retain or disclose it for any purpose, other than as required by law, We will request Your prior consent before doing so.
  • We will not disclose Your personal information to a third party for direct marketing purposes. However, where You have chosen to provide us with Your personal information You agree that We may approach You or send You information including, information about Our services. You will always have the choice to inform Us in writing that You do not want Us to communicate with You and/or to opt-out of these communications.
  • Will not adopt, use or disclose government related identifiers in relation to Your personal information. It is Your responsibility not to provide this type of information to Us.
  • Strive to ensure that where We do hold personal information on You, it is held within reason, is relevant, up to date, accurate and complete. We invite You to contact Us if you have any queries regarding the quality (accuracy/integrity), access to and/or correction of Your personal information.
  • Will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information We hold on You from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

5. Complaints and Enquiries

You agree to submit all complaints relating to this Policy to Us first, so that We have an opportunity to resolve Your complaint before You proceed to any relevant authority. Please direct all complaints and enquiries to Us at

6. Skill, Diligence, Care

Information Legal will exercise reasonable skill, diligence and care as may reasonably be expected from a similar service provider.

7. Company Information

Name Information Legal Pty Limited
Physical address and the address for
receipt of legal service of documents
Level 2, 18 Kavanagh Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Postal address 17/103 beach Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3307
Phone numbers +61 (0) 452 192 543
Website address
Email address
ABN 86 163 763 522
Directors HM Leggat, PA Leggat, TA Roberts